KartRider Drift Hands-On Preview: It's the Thinking Man's Kart Racer


Luke Winkie

Crazyracing KartRider has been an extremely popular racing game in Korea for the past 15 years. 2019 marks the game's 15th anniversary, and the company is celebrating by releasing KartRider Drift on Xbox and PC in North America in 2020 which, barring a few forgettable false starts, represents the first time the franchise has made the trip across the Pacific. Eventually, publisher Nexon says that KartRider matchmaking will be global, which means that dewy-eyed Western players may come face to face with battle-tested KartRider veterans.

"Servers will be located in each region, and it will match by ping," says DS Choi, producer on KartRider Drift, detailing the ways he hopes his brand new international player base won't get stomped out of the gate from those who've had a 15-year head start. "But I'm pretty sure there's going to be a certain amount of that."

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