Project Resistance Feels Like Friday the 13th in a Resident Evil Wrapper


Dale Driver

In 2017, my two (perhaps unpopular) choices for game of the year were Resident Evil 7 and Friday the 13th: The Game. And after a brief hands on, both games can be found in Capcom’s Project Resistance. It feels like a very satisfying merge of the two, and while it never quite hits the highs of either, it ultimately provides an enjoyable and unique Resident Evil experience.

The premise is a simple one, but unique for Resident Evil. Four players must work together to survive through three stages- both in terms of changing physical locations and increasing difficulty - while solving puzzles and overcoming other obstacles. So far so familiar, but the spin on this format is the addition of a fifth player known simply as Mastermind. When playing as Mastermind your goal is to stop the other four players from achieving their goals at all costs. This is achieved thanks to Mastermind having complete control of the level’s camera system, and the ability to place traps, weaponise cameras, and set up zombie ambushes.

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