Project Scarlett: Xbox Game Pass 'Bridges' Current and Next-Gen Consoles


Jonathon Dornbush

While many have presumed Microsoft's major Xbox services would be making the leap to next-gen hardware, Xbox's Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox Game Pass, and much of players' investment on it during the Xbox One's life, will bridge players into the next generation.

Speaking to IGN during X019, Spencer confirmed Game Pass "bridges" Xbox One and Project Scarlett — and that includes saves, communities, and Game Pass games themselves.

"That Game Pass subscription bridges both

. You’re going to continue with your games on Project Scarlett, your save games, your community – everything will be right there," he said.

Services like Game Pass and Xbox Live are things many would assume would cross into Microsoft's next-gen plans, but it's good to have confirmation from Spencer himself that Game Pass and players' progress with all the games they've used in the subscription service will carry over. Spencer spoke to how this allows us to see games live on beyond generational constraints.

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