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Essential Strategies for Technopreneurs
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How to Start?
Including Zero Budget prototype

Are you a Technopreneur?

What is the deference between Technopreneurs and Entrepreneurs? Well if we go with dictionary definition:

Entrepreneur (ahn-truh-pruh-nur, ahn-truh-pruh-noor)
"One who starts a business or other venture that promises economic gain, but that also entails risks."

For the word “Technopreneurs” there is no definition in any dictionary yet, including the Merriam-Webster or Encyclop?dia Britannica. Probably because it's a new word.
Here is how I see it: Entrepreneur is the person who associates both resources and markets to start a new business. For example a Pizza Business in, both, the right environment and timing entail risks as part of any business. Technopreneurs is one who can do the same, but by introducing a low carb or Gluten & Casein free Pizza recipe or a re-heat it in your car package. Technopreneur is an Entrepreneur with a technology edge!

Research & Development and Innovation

Research and development is a profession, but most of the time. barely part of a profession, Innovation is a spirit, you can't help. It becomes part of your life at work, at home and even in your driving style. Innovation is a way of life, it is an answer to every challenge and hope in every situation.
GOD gave you the gift of innovation to fill the epidemic gap between the Academic institutes in their ivory tower and the greasy industry under knees the machines. I saw only few who really can do this and deal with both mentalities!
How does it start? It starts by carrying the problem you need to solve in your heart. It lives with you, during the research, driving and even when you are asleep. Until one day you find yourself saying, ‘I got it!’
Congratulations, you are an inventor, but in real world this worth nothing. Having an idea is nothing, but offering your new Mercedes/Proton ownership certificate in a flea market. It's hard to convince a buyer there it’s real and if it is real why are you there?

Not even the New Inventions/Ideas scam 800#, mostly it is the best way to extract new ideas from some people naive enough to trust strangers specially who offer something free in the real world!, Sorry, it's sad, but it is the real world. I've to admit I'd never think this way more than 20 years ago when I started my first invention. I shouted very loud and jumped on every newspaper and every possible TV program, meeting with authorities and spend my money on shows. The results were astonishing! The idea got very famous, but out of my hands to dozens of competitors around the world. It was the regular battery-cell charger, an electronic charger that can recharge regular battery cells. I introduced it as economy and environment guard. I think I succeeded very well. Today you can buy it from the Internet, everywhere and even from the flea market, but not from my factory or my website, of course you got the point.
To learn from these mistakes, I spent the next 10 years studying how others worked out this problem. Then another 10 years applying what I’ve been learning, tuning, perfecting my many strategies and turning many inventions into real world products. From this book you are getting twenty years of my life’s experience.
The idea is that is can be a response to a small problem happening to you personally or a big organized solution to a big corporate project. The importance of the Idea/Innovation is represented in the actual need. If people are not aware of the need, you’ll need to add an awareness program to your hard/smart work scenario to create knowledge of the need.

Finding a solution/idea:

Role of thumb: See what others did first or are even planning to do. Thus you'll be almost sure when you finish your R&D and spent time/money somebody else isn't already on the TV selling it. This scenario happened with my Anti-smell Garbage spray. One month after I filed my patent application it hit the TV, of course from other company. It wasn't just the mistake of only not seeing what others are planning, but also never tell your supplier about the final product. Only tell them what they need to know and give them an example of some thing similar, be smart, also it was the mistake of being very sincere on the patent application. Tell what you want to protect only and not how, so your competitors can’t make the whole thing.

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