Standard and Legacy Cache Pools - Items Exiting [March 2nd, 2020]

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Hey everyone,

We wanted to share the list of items that will be leaving the Standard Cache pool on Tuesday, March 2nd, with an update coming soon on the items entering the pool in their place. We hope this provides you with more visibility on any items you may be chasing so you can better manage your keys.

The list of items leaving the Standard Cache Pool:

  • Punk glasses
  • Punk jacket
  • Punk jeans
  • Punk boots
  • Honor Guard Dress Cap
  • Honor Guard Glasses
  • Honor Guard Dress Jacket
  • Honor Guard Dress Pants
  • Honor Guard Dress Shoes
  • Harrier Beanie
  • Harrier jacket
  • Harrier pants
  • Harrier sneakers
  • Capitol Police Hat
  • Capitol Police Glasses
  • Capitol Police Shirt
  • Capitol Police Pants
  • Capitol Police Boots
  • Aerobic
  • Boogeyman
  • Carbon

The list of items leaving the Legacy Cache Pool:

  • Hyena Helmet
  • Hyena Pants
  • Hyena tank top
  • Hyena Boots
  • Midnight cap
  • Midnight mask
  • Midnight scarf
  • Midnight jacket
  • Midnight pants
  • Midnight sneakers
  • Outcast Glasses
  • Outcast Cap
  • Outcast Scarf
  • Outcast Pants
  • Outcast Shirt
  • Outcast Boots
  • Tap Dance
  • Air fishing
  • Country Line Dance
  • Hokum
  • Shattered Glass
  • Desolate
  • Barren
  • Polar

Again, we'll follow up with another list of items that will be entering the Standard and Legacy Cache pools on March 2nd as well.

Until next time,

/The Division Team​

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