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Season 1 Shadow Tide is in full swing for The Division 2 Warlords of New York with the launch of Westside League, a series of challenges and progression levels featuring time trials, high difficulty missions, and unique enemy eliminations. Leagues are meant to test your skills, so be prepared when jumping in for the first time. You can participate in the Leagues either solo or in a group, using the games existing group/matchmaking system.

The Westside League is open for two weeks, overlapping with next weeks Polarity Switch Global Event, so make sure you give it a try before it closes. Dont worry if you miss it, as there will be plenty of other Leagues focusing on different factions, missions, and challenges throughout Season 1. Westside League offers players 10 additional rewards, including two unique cosmetic items and an exotic cache. Make sure you log in between now and March 30th in order to claim your New Era 9FORTY cap in-game apparel item in celebration of our partnership with New Era Europe. You can sign-up to the New Era newsletter to be notified when the real-life version becomes available for purchase.

The Division 2 is now available on Stadia, the new generation gaming platform from Google! Stadia features cross-progression and cross-play between Stadia and PC, meaning that players on both platforms can play with each other as well as carry over character progress between the two if they own the game on both platforms. Additionally, Stadia includes a new multiplayer function, Stream Connect. This allows you to see a small sample of all your group-mates gameplay screens live as you play.

Check out a full recap of this weeks events, promotions, and comments from State of the Game Episode #152 here.

Priority Alerts:

Our maintenance earlier this week covered the following issues:

  • We are temporarily disabling the ability to reset seasonal manhunts in order to prevent lost progression towards a manhunt until a more permanent improved solution is ready to deploy.
  • Fixed a progression blocker where an NPC became stuck at the last stage in Castle Clinton.
  • Correct the Specialization Points gained on SHD Level up from 1 to 3.
  • Fixed an issue where blue quality items dropped from regular NPCs in the DZ regardless of player level.
  • Fixed an issue where players would gain multiple seasonal caches.
  • Fixed an issue with seasonal cache rewards becoming contaminated if players leveled whilst in the DZ.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from gaining seasonal XP from DZ activities.
  • Fixed several issues preventing capture completion of The Nest Control Point.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some NPCs to be stuck at spawn in various Control Points.
  • Fixed some puzzle reset issues on all Hunter encounters.
  • Fixed an issue causing Hunter encounters to give too many keys.
    • If you received too many keys, you wont receive new keys until your completed encounters match your number of keys.

We also have several significant tweaks coming to multiple difficulties across both the endgame and the World Tier 1-5 content. The next update will:

  • Reduce NPC Damage output for all difficulties.
    • This applies to all NPCs and activities and enemies will do less damage to players compared to their current damage output.
    • Reduce NPC Health and Amor for group scaling.
    • Enemy Health and Armor scaling for 2-, 3- and 4-player groups based on Veterancy.
    • This means Red, Veteran, Elite and Named enemies will have their Health and Armor reduced compared to their current values.
    • Additionally, we are adjusting Health and Armor based on activity difficulty.
    • This applies to Hard and Challenging difficulties where enemies will have lower Health and Armor compared to their current values.
    • An exception are Heroic and Legendary difficulty enemies which will have their Health and Armor increased to compensate for the group scaling reductions to their values.

We are also aware of and tracking several priority issues. These are things we will be able to address later down the line as we are still investigating possible solutions:

  • Some Hive Skill variants are not receiving the Health and Range bonuses from Skill Tiers.
  • Low FPS in Dark Zone Extraction areas.
  • Fixing an issue causing players to not be able to progress to another World Tier after finishing the required Stronghold in a group and leaving the group after completing the Stronghold.
  • Fixing several separate issues causing NPCs to become stuck when the player is taking over enemy Control Points.
  • Fixing an issue causing players to be unable to exit the boat during the Liberty Island mission.
  • Fixing an issue causing players to be unable to re-do the Hunter puzzle encounters if they have failed the encounter before.
  • Fixing an issue causing the Specialization Weapons to not unlock when purchasing the Year 1 Pass or its variants.
  • Fixing an issue causing the Seeker Mine to sometimes not work properly.
  • Fixing and issue causing Season rewards to not be delivered when skipping a level.
  • Fixing issues causing some Bounty areas to have closed doors, blocking progress.
  • Fixing issues causing players to be unable to revive downed agents.

High Priority Issues:

  • Talents and Gear Set bonuses not working.
  • Hit registration issues.
  • Season Ranks having been reset. Please be sure to send us videos or screenshots when applicable if you encounter any of these issues. Well be looking out for additional reports and details on our forums and across our social channels.

Thats it for this week! Until next time, /The Division 2 Development Team​

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