Update Regarding Issue with New Class Access [Updated: March 31, 2020]

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Weve been carefully tracking an issue that has prevented a portion of Year 1 Pass owners from getting their exclusive access to the new Engineer and Echelon classes. During our investigation, we have found that this is not tied to the Year 1 Pass, which means that when the classes are open to everyone next week, there will likely be new a portion of players who cannot access them as well.

Firstly, we want to apologize to those of you who are affected we know that playing the new classes was a big part of the TU 2.0.0 update that many of you were looking forward to. This issue should not affect the vast majority of players, however, we want you to know that this remains our top priority.

We have identified that we cannot fix this server-side and will need a patch to address the issue. We are mobilizing our developers on this topic as quickly as possible, but given the current situation, we cannot provide you with a firm timeline on when the fix will be implemented at this moment.

As soon as we can lock in a solid date, we will share it with you.

Year 1 Pass Owners Affected

We will be granting affected Year 1 Pass Owners compensation for having their week-long exclusive access impacted by this issue. This compensation will be granted to your account early next week.

Players Affected Starting March 31st

We will track the affected accounts of players until we have initiated a fix. After we can resolve the issue, we will provide a separate compensation to these accounts based on the duration of the issue.

Thank you for your patience. Well give you another update ASAP!

/Ghost Recon Team​

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