[UPDATED April 2nd] Account suspensions and rollback for DPS glitch

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IQ Games Community
We were recently made aware of a bug that could be exploited and allowed players to increase their damage to an unintended amount. In accordance to our Code of Conduct we will suspend accounts of those who have systematically exploited this so called “DPS Glitch” in order to gain an unfair in-game advantage. The use of this exploit has negatively impacted the game’s economy, leaderboards, been hugely detrimental in PVP and has negatively affected the enjoyment of the game for many.

Players who have exploited this bug will receive a one-week suspension starting immediately and will be unable to play Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 during this time. Furthermore, sanctioned players accounts will be flagged and any further offense will result in a permanent suspension.

In addition, the sanctioned players accounts will be rolled back to a save from March 17th, causing all account progress gained during this period to be reset.

/ The Division 2 Team​

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