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Coinciding with the announcement of Unreal Engine 5, Epic Games released a tech demo running on PlayStation 5 that showcases what the engine is capable of delivering in terms of graphics and overall presentation.

The new real-time demo is called "Lumen in the Land of Nanite." According to Epic, the trailer is meant to showcase what the Unreal Engine 5 is technically capable of delivering in terms of real-time rendering details for next-generation games "and beyond."

The Lumen in the Land of Nanite tech demo focuses on two of Unreal Engine 5's "core technologies," including Nanite and Lumen. In short, Nanite is a new "virtualized micropolygon geometry" technology that gives artists the ability to create "as much geometric detail as the eye can see." For this tech demo, Epic used the Quixel Megascans library that features "film-quality" objects that feature "hundreds of millions" of polygons' worth of detail.

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