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Future Warriors.

On the mayhem-filled streets of a hyper-violent future version of society, marauding criminal gangs have taken control. Police are all but powerless – fighting desperately in the face of overwhelming odds – the public is in hiding and it's now down to hardcore bounty hunters with an insatiable hunger for cold-hard cash to wade into the bloody morass and take down the thugs that have turned the city into a smouldering warzone.

Easy Trigger Games' Huntdown is a retro side-scrolling arcade shooter that takes the 16-bit stylings of the classic run n' gun games it seeks to emulate and ramps up the graphical detail and wanton destruction beautifully. Meaty gunfire rips through walls, splinters wood and tears human targets limb-from-limb in fantastically gory detail; the game's glorious cyberpunk battlefields left a bloody mess of broken bodies and busted backdrops as your stone-cold bounty hunter shoots their way from contract to contract, taking down the bosses of various gangs as they wrestle back control from the vicious thugs and hooligans who have made every street corner and alleyway their home.

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