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Following the reveal of a new story trailer for the highly-anticipated The Last of Us 2 on Tuesday, developer Naughty Dog has released an "Inside the Story" video giving new details about the game's narrative. In it, creative director Neil Druckmann reiterates the game's focus on cycle of violence and "acts begetting other acts" as central themes, as well as responding to fans who question why the first game needed a sequel in the first place.

"I've heard a lot of people say, 'Why make a sequel to The Last of Us?' I didn't even hear the full pitch of the game, just the outline of what [Druckmann] was wanting to do with this game, and I realized, 'Oh, this is something we have to make. There's absolutely more to do here,'" says Anthony Newman, a co-game director on The Last of Us 2.

The video outlines the foundation of the game's story, as revealed by previous trailers and pre-release footage: several years after the events of the first game, Ellie and Joel have settled in a village nestled in the mountains, and they both live relatively happy lives as part of a community. However, when a violent event shatters their town's fragile peace, Ellie sets out on a journey to Seattle to hunt down those who have wronged her.

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