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The Division 2's delayed 9.1 update will now arrive on Thursday, May 14. Ahead of its release, Ubisoft has shared the update's patch notes, detailing all of the tweaks and bug fixes being made to the loot shooter this week.

As Ubisoft previously teased, title update 9.1 is primarily "intended to eliminate outliers with NPC weapons, abilities, and behaviours." As certain status effects inflicted by NPCs were "too strong," Ubisoft has reduced the damage players receive from the Burn and Bleed effects. Likewise, NPC grenade accuracy has been reduced, as has the damage output of NPC blindfire.

Other notable adjustments pertain to NPC aggressiveness. Ubisoft says it has "reduced frequency and aggressiveness of NPC behavior to advance on hidden targets." The studio has also "further lowered likelihood of Tank archetypes to rush towards Player Hives/Turrets" and nerfed certain NPC healing abilities.

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