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Gearbox rolled out its revised Mayhem Mode for Borderlands 3 a few weeks ago, and since then it's been making minor improvements and revisions based on player feedback. The studio is also working on larger-scale adjustments, as detailed in a new blog post covering Mayhem and general quality-of-life changes.

The studio says the feedback it hears most often is about difficulty, gear balancing, scaled damage sources, and build diversity. To address these, it will be rolling out updates in two distinct phases. The first will deal with the stat scaling and gear changes between different Mayhem levels. Starting with the next Takedown update, enemy health, armor, and shield stat bonuses will be scaled down in higher Mayhem levels, and both under- and overperforming gear will be rebalanced. This update will also introduce a new line in the item card that will identify which Mayhem level you received a piece of gear from.

The second phase will focus on character balance and diversifying builds. Non-weapon sources of damage like action skills, melee, and vehicle damage will all scale with Mayhem levels, and Grenade Mods will drop as Mayhem gear with bonuses. The update will also bring bonus Skill Damage into Class Mods, giving those an even bigger boost. Vending machines and chests will also start spitting out gear that's correctly leveled for your current Mayhem level, but Gearbox says it will take time to implement and test that functionality.

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