Project Titan: Raid Reset Reminder

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As a reminder, beginning on December 03, starting at 9 AM UTC, raids will reset every Tuesday. This includes changes and updates to the following:

  • Raid progression will be reset
  • Weekly boss reward limits will be reset
  • Raid Crates within each investigation zone will be relocated and able to access once again.
  • The investigation phases before each boss will change

When you beat each boss for the first time in the weekly cycle, you will receive rewards from the raid loot pool, including weapons, gear, customization items, and more.

The raid can be played as many times as you want, but you will only receive boss rewards the first time you defeat them during that week. If you kill the same boss again during that week, you will receive Skell Credits.

In order to access Project Titan, you will need to have a minimum 150 gear score and a full four-player squad. For more information on Project Titan, read our full article here.

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