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We’ve taken a close look at your feedback, as well as the player data, regarding the Battle Rewards system.

There will be several upcoming changes around the way this system works.

  1. We will increase the daily cap from 400 to 600 on Tuesday, October 22, with the Live Update.
  2. The Live Update will also increase the rewards for Faction Support missions from 15 to 30 Battle Points.
  3. With the release of the next TU, 1.0.3, we will remove the daily cap.

We will need a TU to remove the cap entirely, which is why this will occur with 1.0.3 and not the Live Update. In the short term, we wanted to move forward with the increased daily cap and increased Battle Points earned as a first step toward improving the experience.

We’ll have more information to share with you on the timing of the next Title Update very soon. Thank you, Ghosts – we appreciate all of the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts with us so far!

/The Ghost Recon Team​

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