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Since the launch of Tom Clancys Ghost Recon® Breakpoint, weve received a considerable amount of constructive feedback from you all! Whether positive or negative, this is very important to us, as it is key in making our game better.

Through the Community Survey, we wish to offer you a platform where you can voice your feedback in a quick and efficient way, allowing us to identify the games elements we need to focus on first. To participate, head over to now and rank the categories you think need to be our priority when improving the game.

The Community Survey will run for two weeks. Once it closes, we will compile your input and share the results with the community. The highest-ranked categories will receive dedicated communications and updates from our studio as they are being worked on.

Rest assured, even if the topics youve ranked highly dont make it to the top we will still provide updates on their status.

Some of these topics will take time to improve, but were committed to making the Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint experience shine.

Make your voices heard, were listening! VOTE NOW -

The Ghost Recon Team​

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