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Some Assassin’s Creed Valhalla players are reporting problems with trophies and achievements across both Xbox and PlayStation. While some bugs appear to be connected to cross-platform saves, other achievement-killing bugs have no clear origin.

GameSpot’s Lucy James picked up an achievement bug that seems to have come from swapping between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions of the game. While cross-saves are designed so that achievements and their related progress doesn’t swap between platforms, it seems that the cross-saves eventually stopped the achievement system from working at all.

Been swapping between AC Valhalla on PS5 and Series X and doing so has meant that... all achievements and trophies have stopped popping. Just tested with the firefly one and pic.twitter.com/prBPNiFPWP

— Lucy James (@lucyjamesgames) November 20, 2020

The only way to get trophies to start spawning again was to:
• Remove my account from Ubisoft Connect (lost all the preorder bonus stuff tho!)
• Delete my saves
• Play offline (you have to be on Ubisoft Connect if your console is online)
Got my 20 hr save on XSX, but 🙃

— Lucy James (@lucyjamesgames) November 21, 2020
A thread on Reddit details a number of people having the same issue with achievements not unlocking on Xbox, but these cases don’t seem to be related to cross-saving. With a number of achievements that should be unlocked during standard moments in the game--such as one for travelling to England for the first time--some players are reporting that their accounts still show zero achievements.

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