Flight Simulator is Equal Parts Relaxing and Challenging


Alex Simmons

Playing Flight Simulator is such a serene, calming experience it feels more like an exercise in mindfulness than a game. Flying over the historic city of Naples is as welcoming as a warm embrace, with its clear skies and sun-drenched buildings, and the gentle hum of the Cessna 172’s prop is enough to make anyone drift off. If this is what flying a real plane is like then I’m amazed more pilots don’t fall asleep at the flight stick.

I’ve never been to Naples and it would be ridiculous for me to say I don’t need to after my brief flyover, but I certainly got a really good feel of what the city is like, albeit from 3,000 feet up. It’s a beautiful place (or at least it is in Flight Simulator), its winding streets and medieval architecture a stark contrast to the lush green forests of Seattle shown previously. I flew along the coast, where the busy port is punctuated with ancient turrets - apparently Naples was once called the City of Seven Castles - and from above it’s almost as if the past is fighting off the sprawl of modern day industrialisation.

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